Get Ready with webroot product key on – Redeem how?

Well, Best buy users who get a product form store recently need activation on PC/LAPTOP.

Any type of installation on your system may take some time like 15-20 minutes.

Always uninstall the older version of Webroot secure anywhere on your system or update or reinstall it from the official link just make sure which is your product

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  • Webroot internet security
  • Webroot internet security complete 2019

Where to search my product key?

Here we will show you where you can find webroot installation key

webroot 20-digit Alpha-Numeric Product License key code

Be handy with the webroot 20-digit Alpha-Numeric Product License key code, which is available at the backside of the retail card.

Note: if you already have install webroot and you want to set up on the second computer then check 2nd image.

Activate a new Keycode
  • At right-hand side keycode ( where you can see the product key and other option
    • Product name
    • Status
    • Subscription
    • serial Number
  • Activate a new Keycode.
  • Enter a keycode below and click “Activate
  • Go to My Account on top RIght.

How to install webroot?

Installation of webroot can be done by using these guidelines

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Webroot Activation Code
  3. Click to Login
  4. Type the valid email ID and password.
  5. Choose the “Language” and “Country” options.
  6. Now, agree with the terms and conditions.
  7. Press on the Submit option.
  8. Great, now your Webroot product has been Activated.
  9. Click on “Download your Software” to Download Webroot Product
  10. Download the setup file “wsainstall” from and execute the setup file and follow the installation wizard. On upon key code, prompt enter the key code and click on submit

Where to Logging into Webroot my account

  • Go to
  • Enter the required information you specified when you registered account on webroot.
    • email address
    • and password
  • Click the Log in button.
  • Enable Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

Note: If you forgot your password or security code, click the Forgotten Password? button. It will prompt you to enter your email address and sends you an email message containing a link for resetting your password.


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