Do you want to know? how to install webroot with key code,  1. Go to 2. Login and 3. Enter webroot key code activation code. Now download your Product

  • Email Address and Security Code will be required
  • Webroot account must in order to installation of webroot with key code.
  • Account and Billing information updated in your webroot account.
  • Key sxbx-xaxx-xxx8-6xxe-xxxc

Windows 10 users follow guidelines

  1. Make sure there is no other antivirus that should be installed on the computer.
  2. Use your default browser Microsoft Edge to download the webroot setup file.
  3. Webroot products can be download through on their official website.
  4. Install webroot in your Administrator account otherwise, you might get some installation-related problems.
  5. This is lightweight antivirus and not require much space on a hard drive ( SSD ). It’s always work in less configuration
  6. After installation webroot Restart the computer and make sure webroot is working fine
  7. Windows 10 user can Add webroot filtering extension in IE and Edge

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Time needed: 10 hours.

How to get free Webroot key code activation?

  1. Activation steps

    Get Webroot installation file, wsainstall.exe will automatically download to your computer.
    Webroot installation

  2. Find your webroot setup file “wsainstall.exe” ?

    At the bottom, on your computer screen, you will get webroot setup and double click to run .exe file.

  3. Where to enter my product key?

    Firstly Double click then check license agreement then next
    It will ask you to type the product key here then “Enter webroot keycode Enter product key box

  4. Is help to download my product?

    No, it will take you to the official website where you can setup a 20-digits product key online.

  5. What is Webroot filtering extension?

    Each Browser required security Extention like webroot which filter all unusual websites and suspicious website will be blocked here.


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